Ryan and Whitney

Ryan and Whitney

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🎮 Players 1 + 2 🎮

  • Ryan was always player one as the oldest of three children. He works in IT on something very technical and probably boring. He grew up on Boston’s North Shore. He likes to tinker and build things.
  • Whitney got used to being player two as the youngest of three children. She works with Deaf and hard of hearing children. She grew up all over the country. She likes reading, coloring, and giraffes.

🎮 Players 3 + 4 🎮

  • Matthew is Ryan’s brother. They met when Matthew was born and Ryan was 3. Matthew is Ryan’s best man.
  • Katherine is Whitney’s best friend. They met working together at The Beverly School for the Deaf. She is Whitney’s maid of honor.

🎮 Groom’s Men 🎮

  • Mike M is Ryan’s friend from high school. They enjoy playing golf together.
  • Andrew is another friend of Ryan’s from high school. Ryan helps him build computers, and is friends with him even though it means remembering a name other than “Michael/Mike.”
  • Michael S “Merg” is the third Michael on this list (Ryan knows too many Michaels). He has been the Dungeon Master for most of the Dungeons and Dragons games Ryan has played.
  • Michael V is Ryan’s boss. They mostly talk about nerf guns while on “work” calls.

🎮 Bride’s Maids 🎮

  • Audrey is Whitney’s sister-in-law and web and stationery designer. They have been biffles since high school.
  • Tomoko is also Whitney’s sister-in-law. She is the mother of Whitney’s favorite (and only) niece.
  • Erin is Ryan’s sister. Whitney often tries to steal her clothes. She is 4 years younger than Ryan.
  • Sam is Ryan’s friend from high school. Whitney is trying to steal her for herself.